Smoked Porter: Small Batch Release, February 2014

Founders-Smoked-Porter-bottle-webWe plan to introduce Smoked Porter, brewed with a combination of beech wood–smoked barley and oak-smoked wheat malt along with a generous helping of chocolate malt, on shelves and draft lines beginning in February 2014. Like all of our Backstage Series beers, Smoked Porter will be sold in 750mL bottles, with a suggested retail price to be determined.

Brewed for the first time on our new three-barrel pilot system a few weeks ago, we decided this one was too good to keep to ourselves. This 8% ABV smoked robust porter delivers a beautiful balance of chocolate and smoke character that’s flavor forward without being overwhelming. It’s our first ever smoked beer.

“This is a style of beer that we’ve discussed brewing for a decade,” said Co-Founder and Vice President of Brand & Education Dave Engbers. “We weren’t able to fit it into our production schedule for years. Now, with our pilot system, our brewers have room for greater experimentation and aggressive recipe formulation. Brewing beers like this was the idea behind launching our Backstage Series and was a driving force in our investment in a pilot system this past summer.”

We also recently added a draft line in our taproom dedicated to our pilot system, only pouring those small batch experimental beers. A recent offering showcased our first lager in twelve years.

Limited bottles of Founders Smoked Porter will only be available in Michigan; draft will be available in most markets across our distribution footprint. The beer will be released in February, with exact timing dependent on distributor shipments. Bottles will be released in our taproom at a to-be-determined date. It will not be a pre-ticketed release. Look for at least two more Backstage Series releases from Founders in 2014.

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6 Comments on “Smoked Porter: Small Batch Release, February 2014”
  1. David

    My name is David. I live in Vermont. I have been drinking your beers for the past year and love them. Your KBS is my favorite, but this smoked porter has really grabbed my interest! I hope to be able to purchase it in the Waterbury, VT area. Happy to hear that you’ll be using new equipment to craft new unique brews. Best of luck brewing this year.
    -David Ruiz

    • Sarah

      Thank you for the kind words, David! Bottles of this beer will not be available in the Waterbury, VT, area–but you should be able to find some draft. Cheers!

  2. Bryan Russo


    My name is Bryan, I live in New Castle, Pennsylvania. My friends and I have been drinking your selections for a few years now. I really can’t pick a favorite because they are all so damn delicious! I only wish I lived closer so I could sample some of your backstage series. I would really like to try the Smoked Porter. Do you foresee it being available in my location anytime soon?

    P.S. Happy New Year and thanks for making my taste buds smile!

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Bryan! We are only going to distribute bottles of our Smoked Porter in Michigan, but draft should be available in your area of Pennsylvania. We will package it later this month and get it on distributor’s trucks right away from there. We recommend calling your favorite local Founders-carrying bar or restaurant to see if/when they expect to get some in. Cheers!

  3. Brian

    I absolutely love the Breakfast Stout. I am currently stocking up on it to last into the summer. Can’t wait to try the Smoked Porter. Hopefully my tavern in RI will serve it as they do the stout. Cheers!

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Brian! We recommend giving your local tavern a call to see if they plan on getting some of the Smoked Porter. And, as an FYI, Breakfast Stout has a recommended shelf life of 150 days. After that point, the coffee and chocolate will fade and it will not be the beer that our brewers intended it to be. We recommend drinking it in season. Cheers!

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