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In 2022 and beyond, we are committed to communicating our progress.


DEI Commitment


We are committed to diversifying our supply chain, increasing ethnic diversity within our talent pipeline, and working with national organizations to contribute more diversity to the talent pool for all industries in our city.

We are committed to fostering conversation around DE&I, ensuring a sense of belonging by making our taprooms more reflective of all communities, and creating authentic opportunities for internal engagement that foster growth and development.

Head here to learn more about our DEI initiatives


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Social Impact Commitment


We are committed to valuing our communities and supporting positive changes. We strive to meet all of our partnerships with integrity and alignment that highlight our conscious efforts to improve our people and planet. We are committed to celebrating different communities in our taprooms through visual storytelling, arts and culture.


Sustainability Commitment


We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and continuing sustainability efforts in everything we do.

  • It is our goal to improve the social and environmental standards we set within our supply chain. We intend to reduce our carbon footprint and increase the number of products we purchase from local sources. We are also looking to reduce or divert food waste.
  • Creating awareness around the importance of sustainable culture. We care about our employees. We’re committed to providing the best work environment possible through stay interviews, internal opportunities for professional development, and establishing further opportunities for employees to influence corporate policies and procedures. We will continue to partner with outside organizations to foster engagement, access, and employee wellbeing through education and responsible recreational opportunities. Benefits are offered to all employees when they start working because we think healthcare should be accessible to all!


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