When we began this adventure of starting a brewery, we had a vision of becoming a place that our local community would be proud to call their own. With our growth came the realization that we needed to give back to those who supported us and we began supporting various causes on a local level. Now, as stewards of our community and a brewery with national exposure, we want to set the bar for others in terms of what corporate giving can accomplish. The first step towards that meant finding a national partner whose values reflected our own – someone who makes it their mission to make the world a better place today and for future generations. Once we started researching The Conservation Alliance and all the awesome work they do protecting America’s wild spaces, we knew they were the organization for us.

This partnership spawned the Big Pitcher, our corporate giving platform. In addition to The Conservation Alliance, we will continue to support the local and regional causes that mean so much to us while empowering our employees and, in turn, our community to get involved as well.

Causes we support; conservation and environmental organizations, social justice, arts and culture, active lifestyle (bike, run, swim – you get it), beer organizations (homebrew clubs or festivals), K-12 organizations and animal health and rehabilitation organizations.

Tribute on the Grand

We have long supported Grand Rapids Whitewater and their efforts to restore the Grand River to its original beauty. Tribute on the Grand is an opportunity to highlight the river restoration project and provide the opportunity for our community to help support the effort through time and charitable contributions.

Tribute on the Grand is an annual event that takes place in Ah-Nab-Awen Park, in August.

Looking for a sponsor or donation?

Founders takes pride in supporting local nonprofits. Please understand that we get many requests daily and have created guidelines that will 1) help us support causes constant with our principles and values 2) keep things legal. Before filling out our donations and sponsorship form, please be sure your request meets these guidelines.

  • Please submit your request a minimum of 60 days before your event.
  • We do NOT offer donations or sponsorships to religious entities or events where religious affiliates are the benefactor, bands, athletes or sports teams.
  • The organization must be a non-profit must be a 501c3.
  • We are NOT able to donate beer (It’s against the law!)
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