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Launched in 2017, The Big Pitcher is our corporate giving platform designed to benefit our communities in meaningful ways and give to the organizations that are the most important to us.

The foundation of The Big Pitcher rests on the principles of Founders Brewing Co. Three core pillars of Social Equity, Environmental Conservation, and Arts & Culture guide our giving and provide a framework that enables us to donate, volunteer and give back to our communities.

Looking for a sponsor or donation?

We take pride in supporting local non-profits. Please understand that we get many requests daily and have created guidelines that will 1) help us support causes constant with our principles and values 2) keep things legal. Before filling out our donations and sponsorship form, please be sure your request meets these guidelines.

  • Please submit your request a minimum of 60 days before your event.
  • We do NOT offer donations or sponsorships to religious entities or events where religious affiliates are the benefactor, bands, athletes or sports teams.
  • We do not support golf outings.
  • The organization must be a 501c3 non-profit.
  • We are NOT able to donate beer (It’s against the law!).
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