Whether you’re visiting a new brewery or just wanting to sample your favorite taproom’s ever-changing tap list – ordering a beer flight is the perfect way to get a lay of the land.

But where to begin? There’s really no wrong way to enjoy a flight, but our Lead Education Ambassador, John G. has some suggestions for you.


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Beer Flight 101

The key to any flight is drinking in order of flavor intensity. Mixing and matching can lead to palette fatigue early in your liquid journey and you risk missing the full flavor profile that a beer has to offer.

Some things to consider: sweetness, lingering bitterness and mouthfeel. Ask questions if you’re not sure what beers fall where on the spectrum but always arrange your beer flights from lowest to highest ABV. Another factor to consider – something sour, like a gose, has a lower ABV but a stronger flavor intensity – so you’ll want to move this style closer to the end of your lineup.

What’s a trip to your favorite taproom without trying their food? If you’re pairing your beer flight with your meal make sure to sample the beer in order of the food’s flavor intensity. A lighter beer goes with a light salad, for instance – whereas a darker beer would pair well with brisket or smoked pulled pork.

You really can’t go wrong with any order – you’re out at your favorite brewery drinking beer after all – we’d say that’s a good day! But with these tips, you’ll unlock the full potential of your beer flight and be the envy of your table as you show off your beer knowledge prowess.

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