20 Years Over Beers – Episode 5: Moving On Over

Our Co-Founders, Mike and Dave, have always referred to the taproom as the heart of the brewery; the place where our culture was born and still, to this day, thrives.

When we found ourselves growing out of the small space we rented in the Brassworks Building in 2006, the challenge of finding a location that could accommodate our (growing) brewery size while maintaining the culture was a big one. But not impossible. With their ex-landlord and property developer friend (now our Executive Chairman), John Green, in tow, the search for the perfect location began. Once they laid eyes on the dilapidated, old trucking depot across from the new bus station in downtown Grand Rapids – Mike and Dave knew they found the place. The move from one side of Grand Rapids’ downtown to the other began, and the brand new taproom and brewery opened in November 2007 to a full house of Mug Club members.

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