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**Please note that this beer locator reflects beer that has been sold from our distributors to retailers within the past 60 days. You should always call the retailer listed before visiting if you have your heart set on a particular Founders beer. Also, the following distributors do not submit data to the system that provides us with beer locator information, so please call them directly to find retailers in their areas:

  • Gasko & Meyer: Hudson Valley/Southern Tier NY (based in Lake Huntington), (845) 932-8424
  • Penn Beer: Erie, PA area, (814) 454-1578
  • SKI: Metro NYC, (718) 821-7200
  • Stockertown: Eastern PA (Philadelphia area), (610) 746-5611


Here is a map of the states in which our beer can be found (Please note that we are just opening distribution in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Arizona, and this beer locator will not be accurate for locations in those five states until 60 days or so after our initial shipment to each.):


* Where the states are colored yellow, Founders does not have distribution in the entire state. Distribution coverage by state:

  • Alabama: Most of Northern Alabama and the Auburn area. Counties covered include the following: Cullman, Jefferson, Lee, Madison, Marshall, Morgan, Shelby, St. Clair, Tuscaloosa, Walker
  • Kansas: Greater Kansas City
  • Minnesota: Greater Minneapolis
  • Nebraska: Greater Lincoln and Omaha
  • Michigan: Everywhere but the western Upper Peninsula