Vox Vidorra

with Strawberry Heritage, Samantha Cooper

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

Vox Vidorra (Indie R & B and Neo-Soul)

appearing with special guests

Strawberry Heritage (Old-timey Folk & Americana)


Samantha Cooper (Indie Folk Singer-Songwriter)

Vox Vidorra, established in 2014, is a four-part partnership registered with the city of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan with a taxable value of approximately $12.37. Their sole business is music from the soul. They provide a range of products and services, most notably their highly acclaimed debut record Promise Land, released in 2015.


Needless to say, Vox Vidorra is strictly about business. Their name is a multilingual neologism and alliteration meaning ‘the voice of the life you’re meant to live’. Their range of products and services are intended to be consumed to firmly place this ideal, nay, fact into their consumers’ thinking and feeling places.
Vox Vidorra offers no warranty, only guarantees.

Such guarantees:
-You’ll look up from your goddamn phone.
-You will be moved. You will sing. You will cry. You will be driven to do something important with your life. You will dance.
-Your soul will be saved.

Vox Vidorra’s members sell their unique product in a highly efficient, ebullient way:
Front-lady Molly Bouwsma-Schultz’s vocals are huge, dynamic and distinct, selling a dialectic message of love, hope, and longing through personal stories and a highly acute sense of social critique and responsibility. She also plays keys and percussion.
Scott Schultz sells his soul via the bass, guitar, keys, and drums. He’s under contract of marriage to Molly as a means of profiting off their love for one another. Thank God and America for that.
Ryan K. Wilson is a well dressed, handsome man that sings harmonies and plays keys, bass, drums, and guitar. He’s trustworthy, honest, talented, well connected, and can make your company a lot of money.
Theo Ndawillie II is holistically blessed due to abandoning the church for deeply secular, spiritual, and philosophical rock n roll music. He has the artistic touch of a maestro, wunderkind, prodigy, and prophet rolled into one. He plays keys, drums, bass, he sings harmony, and he composes. He also has tattoos.

For the right price, one can see Vox Vidorra perform their product as a life-enriching service to your mental health. Such things you will witness is Molly’s passion and energy transforming you, as if she’s an evangelical minister saving your dark, twisted, godawful soul from a moment such as this. You will also witness Scott, Ryan, and Theo switching instruments between songs with minimal fanfare for maximum sound-producing voracity. You will also often hear Molly, Ryan, and Theo sing in 3-part harmony, as if you needed more.

Vox Vidorra does all this out of love, creativity, and their own deep friendship for one another. Their songs are nothing more than their greatest conversations they have ever had with one another.

So, in sum: nothing can stop them. Enjoy Vox Vidorra immediately.



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