SOLD OUT Tile Glazing Workshop with Pewabic


Join us for a special Founders/Pewabic collaborative evening workshop on September 4th!

You will choose one of three Pewabic tile designs, and Pewabic Education staff members will instruct you on how to glaze them. Your glazed tiles will then be taken back to Pewabic to be fired to 2232 degrees (a temperature ceramicists refer to as cone 6) where your glaze will then transform into a coating of vibrant colored glass. Your tile will be ready for pick-up within 2 weeks, you will be alerted via e-mail when they are ready for pickup at the Founders Taproom – Detroit. In addition to your tile, your ticket will also include a class 1 or 2 beer. Come create your own piece of history that will last forever!

Pewabic is a National Historic Landmark and operates as a non-profit, dedicated to enriching the human spirit through clay. Since 1903, ceramic artists have handcrafted ceramic tiles and pottery in Detroit. You can find Pewabic tile installations throughout the city, including The Guardian Building, Detroit Public Library, Comerica Park, numerous churches, homes, and many more. In addition to making tiles and pottery, Pewabic has a thriving education studio that offers a number of classes and workshops for people of all ages and skill sets.


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