The Legal Immigrants and Common Molly

The Legal Immigrants are four battered souls banded together in the heart of America’s rust belt in the summer of 2009. They’ve performed in many states, a few countries and a couple of continents over the years. Having a propensity to bounce around the sonic spectrum, the fellas have something for everyone, and everything for some.

A young, hungry band from Grand Rapids MI, Common Molly founded in 2021 by brothers Brock and Thomas Mueller with Bethany Fish. Blending sounds from punk, indie, grunge, blues and funk, they have cultivated their own eclectic sound. What certainly stands out is their stage presence. Every song is played from the heart and soul. Sweated out and lapped up by the audience. With an explosive lead guitarist, a powerhouse singer, and a driving engine of a rhythm section they have proven to be a band pushing forward to great things.

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