The Go Rounds

The Go Rounds have used Psychedelic Americana Pop, Twang-Rock & Jelly-Roll and [bits of all your favorite bands exploded into rock n roll confetti] as placeholders intending to cast an umbrella over the sprawling landscape of their sound. Fingerpicked hollow body guitar makes space for slashing fuzz tones; down tempo, introspective ambiance opens into synth-led dance pop; spellbinding vocals weave a silver cord through this field of lush textures and intricate arrangements — a variegated sonic voyage that changes and returns like the seasons, flourishing and weathering the Beauty and the Fury. The result is an experience that is at once accessible, engaging, evocative and surprising– the comfort of a sedan and the exhilaration of driving fast on a loose gravel road.

Their latest record, “Whatever You May Be, released last November in Mexico and officially being released in the United States on April 5, is the ideal Zen-like combination of meditation and unpredictability. Just as each song could suggest four different genres, the Kalamazoo band sounds as though its excavated a certain serenity by continuing to dig.” The the songs are “a lush and swooning composite of spacious drifters, aerobic kickers and some cavernous sonic curtains to create a multifaceted, ambient art-rock epic.” —Jeff Milo, Local Spins Album Reviews

In a recent video premier for the single “Foxtrot”, directed by Maren Celest, Go Rounds singer Graham Parsons paints the new record as “an examination of our mirrors — the places, times, and relationships that hold our reflection. A fever dream, sweating out an obsession with romantic partnerships or self-indulgence as means of seeking approval and creating self-worth. A clearing on the horizon.” —PopMatters

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