The Claudettes

with Corvids

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

The Claudettes (Upbeat Jazzy Soul from Chicago)

appearing with special guest

Corvids (Indie Rock from Grand Rapids)

The White Stripes and Black Keys rock the blues with a guitar attack. Like the Bad Plus, the Claudettes brandish a piano instead. But the Claudettes have created their own fanatical fusion of blues and soul-jazz—like Ray Charles on a punk kick. Imagine an amped-up piano hybrid of Otis Spann, Ray Charles and Mose Allison, joined by a jolly madman drummer and conducted in gonzo fashion by Raymond Scott. File under: post-burlesque? Neo-vaudeville? Cosmic cartoon music? You’ve never seen an instrumental duo like this.

Inspired by the ’60s piano-drums blues recordings of Otis Spann & S.P. Leary, Johnny and Michael formed their duo—but a wealth of influences and passions entered their quickly evolving instrumental sound. Witness the one-two punch of “New Orleans Yard Sale” (with its stomping Crescent City sound) and “Infernal Piano Plot…HATCHED!” (a breakneck blues that Looney Tunes surely would have copped). Listen to Ray Charles go off the rails on “Deep Soul for High Society,” then stand back as all hell breaks loose on another dynamic double-shot of creative composition and wicked improvisation: “Motörhome/Land of Precisely Three Dances.”

“Since age 15, I’ve always had my own blues band, wearing ties and blazers and playing Muddy Waters, Junior Wells, Ray Charles, Freddie King and Howlin’ Wolf—and also a rock band or punk band. I always tried to keep those two scenes and sounds separate,” Johnny says. “This time, I decided to cram it all together into one band: the thousands of hours listening to the blues masters and figuring it all out on the piano, the amphetamine rush of punk, the classical piano lessons—and, first and foremost, the desire to make something new and personally expressive out of it all.”

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