Roster McCabe is Night Phoenix

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

Roster McCabe is Night Phoenix

Bringing to the stage a larger than life atmosphere, the Minneapolis based live electronic dance band, Night Phoenix, boasts soulful vocals, driving guitar, strong dance rhythms, and a huge, ambitious sound. After spending more than three years touring the club and festival circuit under the name Roster McCabe, the four members of Night Phoenix took a new direction to evolve that experience a step further. As the new animal, Night Phoenix, tightens up, crafts captivating songs and continues a progressive musical path. The band embraces electronic programming, utilizing samples, drum pads and synths to achieve distinctive tones and expand the live sonic experience.“The new direction is more focused on our modern electrorock theme. Call it ‘live EDM,'” explains frontman Alex Steele. Songwriter and guitarist, Michael Daum adds, “Night Phoenix is a spacious musical setting, limitless in direction, but focused and clear. Inspired by dance and rock, we make music energetic, creating the vibe of late night festival experience.”


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