Mothership Series #20: Blushing Claus Release

Blushing Claus Bottle and Snifter Pour In Front oF Christmas Tree
blushing claus announce landscape

You’ve met Blushing Monk and its cousin, Blushing Padre, now it’s time to say, “Season’s Greetings!” to the more festive member of the Blushing family…Blushing Claus (Mothership Series #20)!

A festive take on Blushing Padre, this raspberry Belgian ale was aged in tequila barrels before being hit with enough cranberries and orange zest to make any mouth feel merry this holiday season. Blushing Claus presents a pleasant yet slightly aggressive tartness alongside the existing tequila and raspberry sweetness – making it the perfect beer for anyone who made the nice list this year. 11.9% ABV.

Blushing Claus will be released exclusively at our Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms on December 15 in the traditional Mothership Series 6-pack 12oz bottles and draft.

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