Mothership Series #12: Detroit Double IPA Taproom Release

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detroit douple ipa fbtwitter 3 1 1

Detroit Double IPA

Pushing tropical aromatics such as mango and pineapple to the edge of pungent, Detroit Double IPA raises the bar to what consumers expect in this beloved hoppy style. Healthy portions of American adjuncts, as well as lightly kilned crystal malts, contribute a slight sweetness as well as provide a delicate backbone to showcase the dank resinous hop oils within. Detroit Double IPA pours a light orange accompanied by a white frothy head that bursts with hop aromatics. This beer drinks smooth and finishes crisp with a piney bitterness. 8.9% ABV.

Detroit Double IPA will be available in 6-pack bottles and draft at the Grand Rapids taproom beginning July 1. $12/6-pack. Bottles can be purchased in the Company Store or brought to your table if you are dining in.

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