Michigan’s 182nd Birthday Party

Founders Taproom – Grand Rapids invites you to join us as we throw an all day party for the 182nd birthday of the great state of Michigan. Join us as we celebrate a few of the things that make the Mitten the greatest place to call home…beer, food, and music! This event is free to attend and will take place during our 2019 Cellar Raid. Get ready to have some fun!

Music starting at 8pm:

Lady Ace Boogie
Born a child of Atlanta, and raised in West Virginia, Linda (Lady Ace Boogie) Tellis wrote her first rap at the age of 10. A spark was ignited, a passion for creating music. Ace continued to experiment with sound, solidifying her destiny to transform her passion into action.

In the summer of 2008, Ace formed the group OhMi. Shorthand for Ohio/Michigan, the OhMi team was built on the shoulders of Midwest lyricists, notorious for bringing authentic hip-hop vibes. OhMi opened up for several major label acts including: Young Dro, Lil scrappy, and Sean McGee. On the foot of heavy gigging, and promotion, OhMi released their first album “Forever.” It was well received in the area.

In the winter of 2010 Lady Ace embarked on her solo career. Fast-forward to present day, and we find Ace currently working on her first EP titled “Feel Good Music.” Her tracks take us on a journey into her deep thoughts and wishes, flavored with golden-age hip-hop, for the audience of today and tomorrow. Ace is dedicated to preserving the true art and culture of hip-hop.

Ace is compelled to share both her story, and the stories of others. Her stories center around growth, change, and values. Whether it’s through song or just a great conversation her message aims to inspire and encourage people to live right and care for others.

Last Gasp Collective
Last Gasp Collective (LGC) is more than just a collection of talented artists. It’s a feeling. A movement. A way of life. Originating from the “Small Town” of Kalamazoo, the diverse group has been brought together by a mutual love of art. Our live arrangements are reminiscent of The Internet, The Roots, and Hiatus Kaiyote where melodic cello or saxophone lines, fuzzed out guitar lead, and gospel piano set a beautiful soundscape underneath the soulful voices and poetic lyricism of Nezi, Jessica Ivey, and Jay Jackson. As Last Gasp Collective continues to debunk stereotypes one melody at a time, their music continues to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life.

Chris Good Music: Chris Good and The Sweet Insurrection
The Sweet Insurrection is a rotating cast of world-class musicians who accompany Chris in many of his musical adventures. The Sweet Insurrection members bring their funk, jazz, and world music talents to Chris’ debut solo album, Beautiful, many of his performances across the Midwest, as well as many of his recent video projects.

Cellar Raid tap list coming soon…

Special grill offering starting at noon:
Lumberjack Sandwich
Solid Gold brined Michigan pork chop topped with Robinette’s apple slaw on top of a Nantucket Bakery roll featuring Traverse City cherry aioli served alongside Better Made potato chips, paired with a 12oz can of Vernor’s Ginger Ale, ‘cause you’re in Michigan.

Charitable Partner:
Clean Water Campaign for Michigan
Founders will be making a donation to the Clean Water Action Committee in an effort to help this great organization meet their goals. If you plan to attend, please visit their table in our taproom to learn more about their efforts. For more information, please visit: https://michigancleanwater.org/

The Clean Water Campaign represents an opportunity to help place clean water issues front and center by partnering with environmental organizations across the state, by educating voters, and by urging every candidate running for public office to make a strong stand on critical issues affecting Michigan’s waters. Using storytelling and music events across the state to amplify the groundswell of public support for clean water issues, this campaign will be driven by Michiganders from all walks of life who share a similar priority: protection of our water, a most vital resource.

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