Luke the Knife vs Beard o Bees

with LaserTV

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

Luke the Knife (Disco, Funk, House & Indie Dance by Luke Miller of Lotus)


Beard o Bees (Synth, Dance & Electronica by Jesse Miller of Lotus)

with visuals by


Luke Miller and Jesse Miller – the brothers best known for their band Lotus – will tour this fall with their solo acts. Luke the Knife DJs upbeat dance music focusing on disco, funk and house using his own re-edits and remixes. Beard-o-Bees employs Jesse’s modular analog synth rig to create live original music and improvisations. The shows will include Luke the Knife and Beard-o-Bees performing separately and together. LaserTV will provide live visual projections.  

Luke the Knife vs Beard o Bees band poster

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