Live Art Event in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re featuring live art in the taproom by local hispanic artists. Join us noon to 5pm this Saturday to watch these amazing artists create right in front of your eyes!

Alynn Guerra

Alynn Guerra is the artist and owner behind Red Hydrant Press located in the historic Tanglefoot building; the one that gave birth to fly strips here in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

In 1998 she was pursuing a degree in Graphic communication but got burned out by the pursuit of commodification and commercialization of creative work, so she took a break and decided to learn traditional art. She thought she wanted to be a painter but found printmaking in the quest. She always liked printmaking or “Grabado y estampa” but never ever considered doing it herself.

Her fascination with the process was in part because it seemed impossible to create an image that started completely backwards and from positive to negative. But what truly made her feel passionate about printmaking was its history of powering social movements, its accessibility and therefore affordability which all makes it a very powerful but humble form of art.

She proudly calls herself a Printmaker.

Hugo Claudin

Hugo Claudin (b Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) is a multidisciplinary artist living in the South Division corridor of the Avenue the Arts where he has curated Méxicains Sans Frontiéres since 2006.

He has been involved in the downtown scene since the 90s when he attended Kendall College of Art and Design. In 2004 he was first exposed to a wider audience in Prof. Judith Huacuja’s A Survey of Latin American Art in the Midwest at the Rike Center Gallery.

He has been engaged in the music scene both as a musician and a musical curator, photographer , and has worked in several independent short and long films including Disney’s classic Herbie Goes Bananas (1980), Daniel Falicki’s Relief Keeper (2012), Willie The Kid’s The Fly(2013) Claudin has produced short plays, art exhibitions, sound installations, puppet shows, , and curated several new jazz concerts at various locations around town including The Enclave Café, 10 Weston, Arco Iris, Planet Gong, Wealthy Theater, Dog Story, The UICA, The Richard App Gallery, etc.

In 2019 Méxicains Sans Frontiéres was awarded Third Place for Best Alternative Art Gallery and and Hugo Claudin won second place for Best Visual Artist by the readers of Revue Magazine. He is a fellow at the National Equity Program 2020-2021

Erik Picardo

Born in Dominican Republic, Erick Picardos’ obsession for abstraction of colour, line and form went beyond his local community of Santo Domingo. Propelling his interest in an international world of fine art. 

Parallels to the existence of life are seen through a world of abstraction that blurs both worlds. Using a combination of oil and acrylic Picardo portrays figures seemingly to move in and out of existence with a contemporary flare for colour, line and form. 

While his Caribbean heritage inspires his work, Picardo has succeeded in telling universal stories. With the use of indistinct but multi-hued facets, he gives viewers the means to project themselves into his paintings and see themselves reflected. 

Developing the style of Abstract Impressionism, Picardo entrances viewers, drawing them into a world of music, dance and fine art. Mesmerizing in both colour and simplicity. Meditating upon his each piece of art brings the viewer a sense of peace to exists within our daily lives and connects us with the universe. Picardo’s paintings serve as a reminder to all that humanity is capable of being inspired to strive toward a better self and better world. 

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