Kiss the Tiger

with Bedroom Ceilings

A fantastic night of music awaits you as we welcome Kiss the Tiger (Minneapolis, MN) and Bedroom Ceilings (Grand Rapids, MI) to our stage! This is a night of rock and roll that you wont want to miss!

Kiss the Tiger
At a time when the world seems intent on pushing us further inward and further apart, Kiss the Tiger are here to rattle our bones and bust us out of our cocoons with some good old fashioned rock and roll.

Bedroom Ceilings
Two friends, Dean Chittenden and Ben Steer, who began recording together in winter 2016. Now moving to Another Bulb Burned Out, the band’s sophomore album is much more directly influenced by folk rock. As chief lyricist and songwriter, Dean visualizes a thematic listening experience, and Ben translates these ideas into working songs, resulting in harmony between mind and matter.

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