Jordan Hamilton, Dede & the Dreamers, Nik James & the Bandwagon


A cellist finding and creating music, achieving balance. #cellovate


Drift the night away to the jazzy sensibilities of Dede and the Dreamers. Described as Ethereal Gypsy music this band will mesmerize you and send you into a dream world with sweet melodies and full sounds to tantalize your brain. This collaboration will have you snapping your fingers, singing along, dancing with your lover, and cuddling up to your closest friends.


Singer-songwriter Nicholas James Thomasma is a Grand Rapids native and a Michigander to the core. He even has the Great Lakes tattooed on his arm and professes real love for the region in earthy, country-imbued songs drenched in honesty and authenticity. The Bandwagon is the rolling cavalcade of musicians that make up the supporting cast behind him. This is the kind of band you want to bbq with. This is the type of band you want to have a beer with. Good times ahead. Hop on the Bandwagon!

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