Jesse Ray and The Carolina Catfish

with Nathan Purchase

Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish
Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish is a simple rock and roll band. It’s the kind of band that’ll give 21 year-olds and their grandparents a chance to out-dance each other. This band will take full advantage of Elvis-style vocals, splitting harmonica, and a drummer that won’t allow your hips to stop moving.
Starting with open-mics in Grand Rapids, MI, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish have pushed forward to perform across the United States. From South by southwest, to basements in NYC, JRCC will never stop bringing their energy to every nook and cranny they’ve found themselves in.
They have performed with Brian Setzer, J.D. Mcpherson, Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys, The Blackfoot Gypsies and The Delta Bombers. They’ve sharpened their chops as they grow with every performance; their inspiration drawn from those around them. The energy is a reflection of their predecessors.
They are performing non-stop across the country. Every mile perfecting their craft, and everyone met is a new friend. Jesse Ray and the Carolina Catfish are going for the long run; and run ‘till they can no longer.
Nathan Purchase Music
Known for his work behind the scenes and camera lens at live shows, Nathan Purchase is now ready to take the stage as a performer. With a mix of brand-new original songs and covers from the heart, Nathan will be joined by Isaac Berkowitz and John Nowak of Desmond Jones, and Elijah Russ. Inspired by legends like Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Otis Redding, this show is sure to build upon on the roots of American rock and soul music with new and fresh original music.

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