Hazy Past Halloween

Hazy Past is a Vintage Rock band from Grand Rapids, MI that performs songs from the hazy past, deep cuts & B-sides…and the hits.  The band features the standard rock setup with drums, bass, shredding guitars, rockin’ lead vocals & also keys.  Hazy Past creates a sound that covers many genres of music: rock, funk and blues to classic country, and they certainly jam.  With over 100 songs in their repertoire,  the set-lists are never the same.  

     For this show they will be performing mostly Halloween themed tunes.  Featuring songs by artists such as Alice Cooper, Dead Kennedys, Talking Heads, Ramones, Pink Floyd & Warren Zevon to name a few.  This show features a 3 piece horn section (Rolly, Joe & Troy from Afro Zuma) on select tunes. 

It’s going to be a ROCKIN’, Spooky, Full Moon, Masquerade Party!  Dress to impress!

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