Hannah Rose and The Gravestones

with The Turnips

Dirty thirty dance party!
Hannah Rose and the GravesTones
Soul-soaked, heart-drenched, and deeply inspired, Hannah Rose and the GravesTones is a bold foray into the funky, rhythmic refrains of a foregone era.
Each song is draped in decadent horns, sizzling guitars, cutting organ, and lush keys anchored by the steady groove of indulgent basslines and resounding drums. The GravesTones’ riffs and melodies unite to produce a cross-pollination of Blues, Jazz, Rock n Roll and Funk while Hannah Rose Graves wields her voice like a paintbrush, dipping into her well of inspiration to paint the room with echoes of soul.
“An unharnessed force of light and energy, the up-and-coming West Michigan singer-songwriter oozes soul, blues and rock with spine-tingling passion.”
​ -John Sinkevics, Local Spins
The Turnips
The Turnips have been collaborating in one way or another since 2009. The individual members have been playing with other Michigan Groups in which they have networked and organized with Michigan’s Festivals, Theatres, and Non-Profit Clubs and Circuits. Bringing an eclectic, roots-based blend of Rock, Blues, Folk, Americana and more, the Turnips have had no trouble bringing inspiration and energy to any audience.

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