with Alexander Lynch, Brain Transplants

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

GALAXE (Xylosynth-driven Psychedelic Hip Hop & Live Electronics from Portland, OR)

appearing with special guests

Alexander Lynch (Dark Synth & Post-Dance from Grand Rapids)

Brain Transplants (Atmospheric, Experimental Psych & Shoegaze from the Founders Family)

Nick Werth (Yak Attack / Ghost-Note) serves up Hip Hop-inspired beats with his solo project, Galaxe. What makes this incredibly unique is that he does it all live using a Xylosynth. Based in the Pacific Northwest, the Galaxe sound is deeply inspired by nature and psychedelic experience, with nods to J Dilla and Flying Lotus.

The first full-length GALAXE album, “ILL BEVANS,” was released in October of 2013. With the help of Portland-based engineer/producer Paul Laxer, Nick recorded drums, vibes, bass synth, piano, turntable, and vocals, creating a truly organic Hip Hop record.

Galaxe band poster

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