Elijah Russ Collective

with Zack Volkers & Hannah Rose Graves

Featuring Da’Veonce Washington, Adam Parada, and Ben Steer.

Elijah Russ is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Hailing from a musically diverse family, Elijah was exposed to many genres of music from an early age. His experience organizing music festivals and events for non-profit Walk the Beat (operating out of Third Coast Recording Company), led him to be involved with many musical groups including Melophobix, Gunnar & the Grizzly Boys, Bluewater Kings Band, The Legal Immigrants, Harper & Midwest Kind, etc. Effectually, it has inspired him to infuse various styles in his compositions and performances. From Soul-Rock, Funk, and Blues to Country, Reggae, and Latin, Elijah prides himself on his unique ability to translate these genres into his own language and musically connect with an array of audiences.

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