Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series Release with Leaf Me Plant Boutique

Join us on Friday, September 17 at 6pm for our release of Align Me Gruit Style Ale!

We’ve partnered with Alexis Sims of Detroit-based Leaf Me Plant Boutique to bring you Align Me Gruit Style Ale, the latest addition to the Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series. This rare style incorporates a bouquet of botanicals and an array of herbs to represent each of the 7 Chakras, from root to crown, supported by spicy ginger and hibiscus flowers.

We will have a very limited amount of 750mL bottles and draft available of Align Me, plus a Leaf Me Plant Boutique pop up shop and exciting food specials (stay tuned for details).

More about the collaborator:

Leaf Me Plant Boutique is for the heart and home. Alexis Sims started her company with the idea of improving the lives of others by connecting with nature and learning self care through caring for plants. Align Me Gruit Style Ale effortlessly combines Alexis’ love of self care with her love for plants. This beer features seven different herbs and botanicals to represent the 7 chakras: root=ginger, sacral=hibiscus, solar plexus=lemongrass, heart=juniper, throat=thyme, third eye=sage, crown=lavender.

Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series:

What better way to highlight artisans and crafters from our home state than with beer? That’s the thought behind the Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: an extremely limited quarterly release of taproom exclusive beer that aims to bring awareness to local Michigan crafters through partnerships and collaboration.

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