Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series Release with Arsenal Handicraft

Join us on Friday, June 11 at 4pm for our release of Skyshift! Who doesn’t love to look at the sky at twilight – that time when the sun dips below the horizon and casts an otherworldly purple shroud across the sky? That’s exactly what we set out to capture in collaboration with Arsenal Handicraft – a husband and wife artist duo (Dennis and Christina Jacobs) from Detroit. Butterfly Pea Flowers give an ethereal appearance as the stars collide in this tart and juicy blueberry chamomile gose-style ale.

We will have a very limited amount of 750mL bottles and draft available of Skyshift.

More about the collaborator:
Arsenal Handicraft is husband and wife artist duo Dennis and Christina Jacobs. They create pieces of art that not only tell a story, but take you on a journey through space and nature. Every piece displays their finely tuned ability to tap into each of our own desires to set off into the wild. Taking inspiration from their travels and home base near Detroit, every original illustration is one-of-a-kind as you can see in their breathtaking landscape artwork for Skyshift.

Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series:
What better way to highlight artisans and crafters from our home state than with beer? That’s the thought behind the Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: an extremely limited quarterly release of taproom exclusive beer that aims to bring awareness to local Michigan crafters through partnerships and collaboration.

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