Crafted in MI Collaboration with Any Colour You Like: 86 Bananas

No actual bananas were harmed in the making of our Crafted in MI Collaboration Series beer with Any Colour You Like, a popsicle manufacturer from Grand Rapids, MI. Largely inspired by the bounty of flavors in their banana dragon fruit popsicle, 86 Bananas is a Belgian-style ale with hints of dragon fruit that’s sure to keep you cool on a hot summer’s day – its magenta-hue makes it a little off-beat, but that’s just how Any Colour You Like rolls – pushing the limits of what a popsicle, and beer, can be. 7% ABV.

86 Bananas will be available on draft and in 750mL bottles exclusively at both of our taprooms starting on August 12 at 11am, with a two-bottle limit on release day.

About the collaborator:

At Any Colour You Like, we handcraft [Proper Made] gourmet Pops. We hail from Grand Rapids, Michigan and love our summertime- the adventures it brings, the outdoor festivities with community, and the bountiful harvests.

Our focus is making tasty summer treats without any fake stuff. Michigan summers are pure, so we decided to create treats to reflect that purity. We highlight Michigan’s bounty whenever possible.

Growing up surrounded by Michigan’s beauty taught us respect for our Earth- which is why we use compostable wrappers and utilize fair trade, organic, non-GMO and sustainably harvested ingredients.

We are here to create and play. Hopefully an encounter with us puts a smile on your face! We look forward to serving you, as we do not exist without you.

Much love, Jason & Korin

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