Crafted in MI Collaboration Series Release with Malamiah Juice Bar: The Reunion

Next up in our Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series: The Reunion!

This Wheat Ale brewed with Grand Rapids’ very own Malamiah Juice Bar features orange and grapefruit zest, adding a citrusy zing to remind you of summers spent with food, family and friends. The Reunion will be released in the taproom in 750mL bottles and on draft on May 27 at 3pm.

About the series:

What better way to highlight artisans and crafters from our home state than with beer? That’s the thought behind the Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: an extremely limited quarterly release of taproom exclusive beer that aims to bring awareness to local Michigan crafters through partnerships and collaboration.

About the beer:

Get back to those carefree moments and good times with The Reunion, a collaboration with Malamiah Juice Bar and the latest addition to our Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series. This Wheat Ale is brewed with orange and grapefruit zest, adding a citrusy zing to remind you of summers spent with food, family, and good friends.

About the collaborator:

In 2012, Jermale Eddie was introduced to the practice of juicing after watching a documentary recommended by a friend. He sought out more information and was amazed to learn the immense nutritional benefits associated with drinking fresh juice. Jermale bought a juicer and began juicing regularly at home for himself and his family. He was glad to discover that in addition to the significant health benefits that juice provides, the fresh juices are also delicious. This passed the ultimate test when his (then) 3-year-old son tried the juice and wanted more. Jermale enjoyed trying new juice and smoothie recipes and educating himself on the specific nutrients found in various fruits and vegetables. He often talked to friends and family about his new journey with juicing.

Jermale discovered that people were very interested in learning more, and many of those he shared with were inspired to start their own juicing journeys. He also encouraged a friend to try juicing to reset his metabolism and shed some pounds. The friend agreed to try a juice fast for 15 days, but after seeing the results, he continued for a full 60 days and lost 55 pounds. While being monitored by a family doctor, he was also able to discontinue two medications. Jermale’s wife, Anissa, first raised the idea of starting a juice bar in Grand Rapids, and the vision for Malamiah Juice Bar was born. “Malamiah” is a combination of the names of their three sons- Malachi, Nehemiah and Josiah. It is their hope that this business can be part of the legacy they pass on to their children.

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