Crafted in MI Collaboration Series Release with Detroit Hives: Summer’s Gold

Our Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series buzzes on with our partnership with Detroit Hives!

Summer’s Gold, the buzzworthy new entry into our Crafted in Michigan Collaboration Series, comes to you courtesy of our partnership with Detroit Hives – a non-profit organization that transforms vacant Detroit lots into urban bee farms. You’re sure to think this wheat ale (brewed with wildflower honey for just the right amount of sweetness) is the bee’s knees. 5.5% ABV.

Summer’s Gold draft and limited 750mL bottles will be released in the taproom on June 17 at 3pm. The Detroit Hives team will be onsite selling their honey and other merchandise, and our deli will be serving up a honey-based dessert to celebrate the launch. We couldn’t BEE anymore excited!

About the series:

What better way to highlight artisans and crafters from our home state than with beer? That’s the thought behind the Crafted In Michigan Collaboration Series: an extremely limited quarterly release of taproom exclusive beer that aims to bring awareness to local Michigan crafters through partnerships and collaboration.

About the collaborator:

At the heart of it, the work of Detroit Hives can be condensed down to a simple concept: We transform vacant Detroit lots into urban bee farms. Why do that? Well, the benefit is threefold…

Conservation: The bee farms that Detroit Hives creates provide safe homes for bee colonies to live, feed and grow. Bees need our help and protection because they have seen population declines over the past several decades. This may seem insignificant, but it can actually have a huge impact on the world. How? That leads to our second benefit…

Education: Pretty much everyone knows a bee when they see one (or do they?) and oftentimes they run in the other direction. But do you know just how important bees are to our ecosystem? Not only do they produce delicious honey, but they are important pollinators for the bulk of foods that make up our diet. According to The Honeybee Conservancy one in three bites of food we eat gets pollinated by bees. That’s a lot!

We want to change minds about bees so that people come to appreciate them for the incredible workers they are. We educate locals and visitors to Detroit alike through farm tours and school visits to show the public that bees aren’t something to be afraid of. We aim to spread awareness and build support for the conservation of honeybees.

Revitalization: Not only do we want our bees to thrive in Detroit, but we want the people of Detroit to thrive as well. By transforming vacant lots in the inner city, we are cleaning up local neighborhoods and adding value to our community, making them safer and stronger. When we plant gardens at the farms we provide food for the bee colonies and in turn, they pollinate our plants, increasing fresh vegetable harvests for the neighborhood residents. A perfect example of how bees and humans help each other thrive! By starting urban bee farms we are not only rebuilding honey bee populations but rebuilding the beautiful city we call home.

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