Conrad Shock + The Noise

with Joshua Powell and Red Rio

Cønrad Shøck + the Nøise
The Nøise is John Conrad Schaak, Michael Pierce, Olivia Vargas, Koty Schoenberg, and Bailey Budnik.

Together, the mustached hero and his compadres save talent show with extremely empowering and electrifying experience.

Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell is an artist from Indianapolis, IN, who handcrafts a strangely literate brand of psychedelic indie rock that manages to be simultaneously socially conscious and spiritually turbulent. With over 700 shows in over 40 states under his anachronistic studded belt, Powell blends the narrative richness of American folk with a heavy dose of hallucinatory swirl and a ghost note of ‘00s-vintage bedroom indie, all highlighted in ethereal falsetto by his purposeful, kaleidoscopic poetry.

Red Rio
Red Rio is a four piece, gritty Americana/blues band based in Grand Rapids, MI.

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