Cellar Raid 2020

Join us in our taproom for five days of taproom exclusive, small batch, barrel-aged & never-before-tapped beers! This is our chance to debut the experimental beers we’ve been working on and finally bust out some of the kegs we’ve been patiently aging over the past year or so. Additionally, our 11th installment of our Mothership Series, Devil Dancer, will be released on the first day of Cellar Raid, Wednesday, January 22!

As for what beers we have planned for each day? Check out the full tap list and day-to-day schedule here:


Red’s Rye IPA

Centennial IPA


All Day IPA

Dirty Bastard

Civilized Brut IPA

On Me Tod Irish Red (DTRX)

Salute Your Schwartz Schwarzbier (DTRX)

Solid Gold

Oatmeal Stout

Unraveled IPA

Echo Base ESB (DTRX)

Eiskaffee (Golden Stout)

Breakfast Stout

Nitro Breakfast Stout

Imperial Stout 2019

Hello Jane IPA


Nitro Rubaeus

Frangelic Mountain Brown

Oom-Pah-Pah Baltic Porter (DTRX)

Feelin’ Phyllo (DTRX)

Whollata Horchata (DTRX)

Drunk Uncle Cocoa Porter

Backwoods Bastard

Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (Mothership #5)

French Toast Bastard (Mothership #10)

Devil Dancer (Mothership #11)

Blushing Monk 2019

Underground Mountain Brown

Nitro Underground Mountain Brown

Nitro “Take’er Easy, Dude”

Más Agave 2019

Más Agave Grapefruit

Más Agave Prickly Pear

Tank Bender

12 Feet Under

Curmudgeon’s Better Half

CBS 2018

CBS 2019

Nitro CBS

KBS 2018

KBS 2019

Parisian Breakfast Stout

KBS Espresso

KBS 2019 Special Reserve

Barrel-aged Lemon Ale

Barrel-aged Devil Dancer

Orange Curacao Barrel-aged MoMo IPA

Barrel-aged Mr. Wednesday

Barrel-aged Get Bucked

Ferris Nitro Cold Brew Coffee



Wednesday 1/22

  • On tap:

–        Mothership #11: Devil Dancer

–        Barrel-aged Devil Dancer

–        Drunk Uncle Cocoa Porter

–        Barrel-aged Mr. Wednesday

–        Nitro “Take’er Easy Dude”

–        $3 Tap = Unraveled IPA

  • Special bottles:

–        Mothership #11: Devil Dancer (3 case limit)


Thursday 1/23

  • On tap:

–        Curmudgeon’s Better Half

–        Barrel-aged Get Bucked

–        2019 Más Agave

–        Más Agave Grapefruit

–        Más Agave Prickly Pear

–        $3 Tap = On Me Tod Irish Red (DTRX)

  • Special bottles:

–        2018 Curmudgeon’s Better Half (2 case limit)


Friday 1/24

  • On tap:

–        Hello Jane IPA

–        KBS 2019 Special Reserve

–        Parisian Breakfast Stout

–        Orange Curacao BA MoMo IPA

–        $3 Tap = Echo Base ESB (DTRX)

  • Special bottles:

–        2018 & 2019 KBS 12 oz. (2 case limit)


Saturday 1/25

  • On tap:

–        Mothership #5: Barrel-aged Imperial Stout

–        Feelin’ Phyllo (DTRX)

–        Oom-Pah-Pah Baltic Porter (DTRX)

–        $3 Tap = Salute Your Schwartz Schwarzbier (DTRX)

  • Special bottles:

–        Mothership #5: Barrel-aged Imperial Stout (6 bottle limit)


Sunday 1/26

  • On tap:

–        Tank Bender

–        $3 Tap = Whollata Horchata (DTRX)

On Saturday, January 25, we will be celebrating Michigan’s 183rd Birthday with some awesome live music and Michigan-inspired fare. Stay tuned for more info.

During Cellar Raid & Michigan’s 183rd Birthday Party, we will observe our normal age restrictions: minors must be accompanied by an adult, no minors after 9pm. No exceptions.

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