Brother Wolf Album Release Show

with Moto

Michigan, USA — Brother Wolf, the enigmatic multi-instrumentalist hailing from Michigan, is set to unveil his second studio album, “After Fear,” on Friday, October 13, 2023. The album offers a poignant reflection on the tumultuous events of our times, including the pandemic, January 6th, and the myriad challenges faced in the early years of this decade.

“After Fear” presents listeners with a captivating blend of post-punk soundscapes that delve into the complexities of our collective psyche. Brother Wolf masterfully crafts these sonic landscapes by performing all the instruments and arrangements himself. His unique creative process involves weaving together layers of guitar, occasional horns, strings, and piano, all anchored by a compelling melodic bass line.

Written and recorded during the winter and spring of 2021, “After Fear” is a profound exploration of our shared experiences emerging from the pandemic. Brother Wolf takes listeners on a journey through themes of mental health, reconnection, and the importance of living in the present moment.

Brother Wolf, a true polymath from Michigan, is more than just a musician. With a background in communication arts as a professor of Communication Studies, he has left an indelible mark on the creative world. In addition to his solo work, Brother Wolf has published music and art zines and has been the guiding hand behind the recording, mixing, and mastering of albums for numerous bands and solo artists. Previously known as the frontman for Michigan-based bands Head and Love Fossil, he now channels his energy into his solo endeavors.

Moto is a rock trio from the great state of Michigan. They are supporting their latest single, “Phoenix”, which was released in March.

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