with Mama Sol & Tha NUTS, March Forth

Founders Brewing Company is pleased to present

The.Black.Opera (Hip Hop Theatre)

with special guests

Mama Sol & Tha NUTS (Hip Hop & Neo-Soul from Flint)


March Forth (with Bedrock & Dean Martian) (Original Hip Hop from the Founders Family)

It is easily believed that the juxtaposition of the words “BLACK” and “OPERA” make no sense. WE are here to disprove that idea. The Black Opera has been created with the purpose of uniting opposing worlds and making perfect harmony through multi-genre artistic expressions. With members located in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles, & Paris, WE don’t claim just one place; WE take THE WORLD. The Black Opera is a collective of Artistic Freedom Fighters, who openly and fluently express Creation through Music, Visual Art and Parables of Truth. WE are The Black Opera, a cast of characters narrating OUR perception of Timeless issues and Universal subjects that connect The Past, Present and Future.Black is not a Cultural Reference, but rather Social; WE speak, play and daydream to the sounds of OUR hip-hop born Opera, hypnotizing the Eyes and Ears of peers with Demonstrations of Advanced Artistry. Black is not an ethnic reference. Black represents the combination of ALL colors, races, creeds, ideas and concepts. WE are ONE.WE are a counter cultural movement, with concepts of QUALITY, LONGEVITY, INNOVATION and TALENT as OUR driving forces. The Black Opera is everywhere, even at the hem of OUR world’s most influential leaders. Think about it: Black is Infinite. Before YOU knew we existed, before YOU heard OUR Opera, the song had already been sung by generations of Advanced Black Ops who are now allowing US to carry the torch. Join in, feed into The.Black.Op.Era. EnterMission.



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