Birdie Country

with Valley Girl

Join us in the Taproom on May 27th as we host a pair of homegrown heroes!

Kicking off the night is a Valley Girl, an emerging indie rock band who will be returning from Nashville to their hometown of Grand Rapids for the first time in 2023. You can expect swells of comforting synth tones, dreamy guitar lines, thick bass tones, and soothing, melodic vocals. With influences rooted in the past and present, their ambition lies towards making the connection between music and the individual. Tales of heartbreak, fantasies, and cathartic drives populate the depths of their sound.

Closing out the night are taproom favorites, Birdie Country! Birdie Country is an American Alternative Rock group, also hailing from right here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Active since 2017, the band’s original music leans heavily on influences from ‘90s and ‘00s alt-rock, an era they default to when selecting covers for their set which that they perform in conjunction with their original songs. High energy, guitar and drum-driven tunes, mixed with the undeniable urge to sing-along are the hallmarks of a Birdie Country concert. Close your eyes and you’d swear you were back in high school riding in a packed car full of all your friends, music blasting, sing-yelling along to all your favorite songs.

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