Big Dudee Roo

$5 suggested donation at door for our friends at the Spoke Folks – a cooperative bicycle shop focused on empowering and educating all levels of cyclists. We’ll match all donations up to $1000!

Big Dudee Roo event poster

“The oft-psychedelic, Neil Young-styled folk rock…oozes an endearing, political charm.” (Grand Rapids Press)

“Big Dudee Roo is committed to rock and roll, and the making of it. Started by high school friends Justin Dore (guitar), Max Lockwood (bass, vocals), and Nate Wagner (guitar) in a small town in West Michigan, and now with the addition of Daine Hammerle (drums), the band has matured into a powerhouse of driving rhythms, heavy guitars, and thoughtful, poetic lyricism. Their latest releases, called Heavy Dudee / Dudee Free, showcase the strength present in their current four-piece form. Combining the raw energy of Crazy Horse with the polish of Pearl Jam and Tom Petty, Big Dudee Roo has become a musical mainstay in the state of Michigan.

As they’ve grown, the band’s focus has turned more and more to the building of community, from the Mitten to the Upper Peninsula. Collaborations with local and regional musicians have helped shine a light on the tremendous comradery of the statewide music scene. Additionally, the band’s members and their families and friends have worked hard to stop fracking, oil pipeline building, and excessive resource extraction from ruining their beloved home. This is a central theme to the lyrics and music of Big Dudee Roo. To fight for that which you love–your home and the beings who live there–is not only righteous but also necessary. For them, music is one essential element for bringing these thoughts into action and for inspiring listeners to change their communities for the better.

Down the road, you may see Big Dudee Roo continuing to open for national acts like Donna the Buffalo (a perennial favorite of BDR’s members and fans), at Earthwork Harvest Gathering and other summer festivals, or you may see them at your local house show. Big stages and cramped living rooms are equally important for spreading the word and for spreading the love. It’s all part of the same project. Each fan and artist is part of the same musical ecosystem–an ecosystem which should be cherished, treasured, and protected. In truth, caring about others is the essence of rock and roll, and Big Dudee Roo cares greatly.”

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