Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Alma Afrobeat Ensemble is set to tour the US for the fourth consecutive year. The Barcelona based band, started by native Chicagoan Aaron Feder, is presenting their fourth studio album, Monkey See, Monkey Do. Thisrelease is the natural evolution of Alma Afrobeat Ensemble’s unique brand of modern Afrobeat, and their most complete, comprehensive and eclectic work to date. While most other Afrobeat bands are going the afro-funk route, AAbE follows their own path once again, as they did with their first 3 albums. “Monkey See, Monkey Do” combines all the elements of classic Afrobeat created by Fela Kutiand Tony Allenwhile leaving the band’s own unique stamp on the polyrhythmic musical style.

On this tour, as is their custom, the group is joined by their American touring musicians. Matthew Engelon keys and backing vocals, Cody Jensenon percussion, Joshua Thomsonon alto sax, Eddie Quirogaon trombone, and Dr. Adrian Barnetton tenor sax. Additionally, the band is lucky enough to feature Ms. Marga Mbandesinging lead vocals, and lending her elegant stage presence to the band.

The band will be playing 9 dates in two weeks throughout the Midwest, so make sure and come check out their sizzling, dance-inducing live show as they are only in the U.S. once a year!

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