2016 Founders Firkin Freezeout

Founders Brewing Company invites you to join us for our Third Annual

Firkin Freezeout

This FREE, all-ages, daytime event takes place outdoors, in the frigid confines of our beer garden!

We’ll be featuring:

  • over forty firkins, expertly crafted by our cellar team
  • live Ice Carving by Chops Ice LLC
  • special BBQ-themed food options from our culinary experts
  • a unique, one-of-a-kind event

*A firkin is a keg-like vessel one-fourth of the size of a brewer’s barrel. It’s specially-designed for the addition of adjuncts; ingredients not included in the original, base brew, that can really amp up the flavor. Additional ingredients, hops & yeast are added to the uncarbonated base beer, allowing the beer to naturally carbonate in the firkin, melding the base beer with the added ingredients. The subtle mouthfeel created by the natural carbonation allows each flavor to be savored, and the nuances of each beer can be plunged into, not simply tasted. Past examples of popular firkin offerings include: Dirty Bastard with Cinnamon, Maple Syrup & VanillaPorter with fresh Chipotle Peppers & Cocoa, and Red’s Rye IPA with Pineapple & Lime Leaves.


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