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The First Post.

New website, new blog. We figured now was the perfect time to launch the Founders Brewing Company Blog. As we grow and as our beer gets into the hands of more people, we want to be able to share the stories behind what we do with all of you. We live the phrase that’s on all of our packaging: “Brewed for us. Enjoyed by everyone.” And we hope that our personality comes across in each and every one of the beers that you drink. But if you want a little bit more, this is the place to find it.

In this blog, we plan on writing about what’s going on in the brewery (Why are there giant bars of chocolate everywhere? Are the brewers having a Willy Wonka party? Oh, it’s because we’re brewing Breakfast Stout.); commentary on craft beer trends and news; beer festivals, tastings, dinners, and other events; live music and taproom happenings (brought to you by Joey, who runs our Taproom Facebook page); the story behind causes we support (such as Grand Rapids Whitewater); fun anecdotes about the Founders Family; updates on our current expansion progress; and, hopefully, we’ll be able to share some of the great Founders stories, photos, and more that we get from you, the people who drink our beer! A staff favorite is this Breakfast Stout birthday cake that was posted on our Flickr page:

Breakfast Stout birthday cake

Please subscribe to our RSS feed (click the button in the left column, above), or just check back often, and join us on this crazy ride. This blog is 100% for you. Because we love you. So let us know what you want from it in the comments!

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