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So, Should I Cellar This Beer?

A few thoughts on cellaring our beer, from our Brewmaster, Jeremy Kosmicki:

One of the most common questions I’m asked is “should I cellar this particular beer and if so, for how long?” “Cellaring” is the act of storing a beer in ideal conditions for an extended period of time, with the hope that the flavor of the beer will actually improve.  Ideal conditions would include a controlled temperature, somewhere in the 50-60 degree Fahrenheit range.  We’ve found that storage temperature has a huge impact on how well the beer maintains its freshness.  Refrigeration greatly slows down the aging process, while beer stored at room temp or above will accelerate the effects of aging.  And what are those effects of aging?  Generally, aged beers experience a decrease in bitterness and the fruity and floral esters created by the hops.  Other flavors, however, tend to increase with age, such as a vinous character (sherry or stale fruit), wet paper/cardboard, and a caramel or toffee sweetness.  Oxidation is primarily responsible for these changes in flavor. 

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Tribute on the Grand 2017

We’re excited to once again host Tribute on the Grand, a fundraising event to benefit Grand Rapids Whitewater, on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Ah-Nab-Awen Park in downtown Grand Rapids.

The musical lineup will include Saved by the 90’s (you guessed it, a 90’s cover band) and Hotel California (an Eagles tribute band), Sweet Diezel Jenkens, and Bromoans (Ramones Tribute band) along with returning local act Wolfpack from Mars (a David Bowie tribute band).

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Founders promotion showing that they're coming to Delaware
New Markets: Delaware

At long last, we have completed coverage of the Eastern region of the country… Delaware, here we come! You may be small but, boy, are you thirsty. Fans in Delaware have long been asking us to make this happen so we’re glad the day is finally here.

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Azacca Chicken recipe with chicken laid out on wooded platter with Founders beer in background
Azacca IPA Brined Chicken with Mango Panzanella Recipe

Our Culinary Director, Justin, is at it again with his latest recipe featuring beer from our lineup: Azacca IPA-brined chicken breasts with mango and goat cheese panzanella.

From the chef himself:

“This one’s for all you spring chickens out there. I love how the citrus and tropical flavors from the beer work with the mild flavor of the chicken. Taking the time to brine the meat imparts tons of flavor and, conveniently, allows some time for a nap before you start cooking.”

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Many glasses of Founders beer crowded together on the bar
New Markets: Expanded Kansas Distribution

We are happy to announce that we will be bringing our full lineup to the northeast region of Kansas with shipments beginning in March and a retail release taking place on April 1! We first entered the state back in 2013 with our distribution to the greater-Kansas City area and, now with partners Crown Distributors, we will serve the residents from Salina to Topeka.

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KBS week 2017 march 6-11 Cadre promotion graphic
KBS Week 2017

Hey there! KBS Week will take place March 6-11, 2017 in Grand Rapids, MI. For details regarding KBS bottle ticket sales, tappings around town, exclusive hotel packages and more, head to

Hope to see you there!

Note: The Michigan release of KBS will take place on March 13. Our remaining distribution network will see KBS on April 1

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Ariel shot of Founders beer with a charcuterie board
Upcoming Palate Exploration Events

Join us as we tantalize and educate with three new Palate Exploration events!

On March 16, join us in the Embassy, our classroom and training bar, while we host The Cheese Lady and learn all about the amazing things that happen when cheese and beer come together. We will be pairing a beautiful spread of cheeses, covering as many flavor and texture possibilities as we can, along with five of our beers. There really are few things better in life than beer and cheese.

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A Look Into our Barrel-Aging Program

Crafting legendary barrel-aged beers is an exercise in patience. We start by brewing complex, world-class beer worthy of time in a barrel. Then, our experience and years spent mastering our craft means we know exactly when it’s been aged to perfection. After one sip, you’ll know – it was worth the wait.

Take a look behind the scenes at our barrel-aging program in this new video, which includes footage from the caves where we age many of our beers

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Azacca IPA Untappd Badge

When our brewing team first encountered the experimental Azacca hop during the annual harvest trip, they couldn’t wait to start brewing with it. Featuring an intense tropical aroma and flavor, the hop proved bold enough to carry a single-hop beer and Azacca IPA was born. 

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Palate Exploration: The Cheese Lady

We’re gearing up for another Palate Exploration event, where we invite you to explore how various styles of food pair alongside beers from our lineup. Hosted here at the brewery, these events are an opportunity for visiting culinary artists from the community to design dishes that encourage you to expand your palate and discover how food and beer can come together to create a beautiful harmony.

March 16: Palate Exploration Series featuring The Cheese Lady.

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Founders Breakfast Stout with pieces of chocolate on the bar
Palate Exploration: MoKAYA Chocolate and Beer

On Thursday, February 2nd our education team is partnering up with MoKAYA chocolates for the second time to explore how chocolate and beer pair together. Our Curriculum Coordinator, Michael Steil, headed down to the shop to pick the brain of owner/chef Charles Golczynski and to get a bit more background into where his seemingly endless fount of inspiration comes from. After enjoying a KBS truffle (that’s right, made with KBS) and cereal milk ice cream, they got right into it.

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3 glasses of beer on the bar
New Markets: Statewide Alabama Distribution

Mid- and Southern Alabama residents, rejoice! Our beer is currently on its way to your area, making our coverage of Alabama complete.

We began distributing in the northern portion of the state years ago and, since then, we have fielded tons of requests to bring our beer south. At long last, with partners Gulf Distributing and Allstate Beverage, we are able to fulfill those requests and we are pretty darn excited about it.

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Founders Grand Rapids taproom interior looking south showing tables and chairs and a bar to the right
ArtPrize Nine: Show Your Art in Our Taproom

ArtPrize Nine (September 20 to October 8, 2017) may be months away, but we cannot stop envisioning what beautiful work will adorn our taproom walls come fall. Which got us to thinking…. what if we asked our incredibly talented artist/imbiber community what artwork they would create for our taproom or beer garden if they had the chance? With a space as large and distinctive as our taproom and beer garden, there is endless opportunity for inspiration and creativity and we want to see it!

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New Product Release: All Day IPA 19.2oz Single-Serve Can

When we first debuted All Day IPA in 6-pack bottles, it took off as the go-to session beer for craft fans. Crisp and light but with the full-flavor of an IPA, this beer was here to stay. Our first canning line was installed to accommodate the incredible growth of All Day IPA and, in 2013, we began offering it in a 12-pack can package. Shelves could not hold this beer and so, we thought, let’s give the people what they want: All Day IPA and more of it.

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A promotion for Founders film series showing Celebration cinema popcorn bucket with Founder's beer
Founders Film Series at Celebration! Cinemas

Join us at Celebration! Cinemas this spring for the Founders Film Series, where we pair our favorite movies alongside beers from our lineup. Movies are chosen for different reasons: sometimes the titles pair nicely or there’s a unique character reference. Often, it’s simply because we love the beer and the movie and want the pleasure of enjoying ’em at the same time. We hope you do too!

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Cellar Raid 2017: January 25-28

Join us in our taproom for four days of taproom-exclusives, small batch, barrel-aged & never-before-tapped beers! This is our chance to debut the experimental beers we’ve been working on or finally bust out some of the kegs we’ve been patiently aging over the past year or so.

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4 glasses on beer sitting on the bar
2017 Update: Full Availability Calendar

2017 is a major year for us. We’re not only celebrating our 20th anniversary, we are also debuting a brand new series, adding a few new packaging options and enjoying the return of many favorites. Sharing our 2017 plans with you, our loyal supporters, is the best part of it all… so without further ado, our 2017 availability calendar:

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