KBS bottle with Bumpy Cake
KBS Bumpy Cake Recipe

Few desserts are as synonymous with Michigan as the famous Bumpy Cake. Created by Sanders Confectionary in Detroit, Michigan, the cake was originally named, “The Sanders Devil’s Food Buttercream Cake” but was lovingly renamed after their clientele started ordering it as “the one with all the bumps.”

Not visiting Detroit any time soon? Craving this delicious dessert at home? Never fear. We’ve created our own spin on the classic bumpy cake using our barrel-aged favorite, KBS, as a key ingredient!

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Founders Brand Calendar
Brand Calendar 2023

It’s happening, everybody stay calm – the brand calendar for 2023 has arrived!

We’ve introduced some of these delicious beers this week but now you can see everything (well, ALMOST everything) that is coming your way next year.

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Image of Founder's Logo
Brand Calendar 2023: Sweet Repute

Can you believe Brand Calendar Week is almost over already? Where does the time go? We’ve already announced the return of All Day Haze, mystery Variety Packs and a new member of the 4 Giants family but we still have some surprises left.

Let’s take a moment to recognize how sweet life can be with the glorious return of a barrel-aged favorite…

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chill day education square
Cold IPAs: What’s In A Name?

India Pale Ales (IPAs) are the leading category of craft beer in the United States. Though some of you are quite vocal about your distaste for the style, IPAs continue to innovate and show no sign of slowing down. By definition, IPAs are hop-forward, robust beers made with ale yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Notable IPAs of ours include Centennial IPA, 4 Giants Imperial IPA, Unraveled Juicy IPA and All Day IPA.

There’s a lot of debate and head-scratching involved in identifying just what makes one of the newer craft beer trends, the Cold IPA, both “cold” and an “IPA.” But you’re in luck! With a little help from Wade, our Microbiology and Food Safety Manager, and Jason, our Sensory Specialist, we’re here to set the record straight.

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All Day Chill Day can with All Day Haze and All Day IPA in background
All Day Chill Day

We’re feeling pretty chill today so we thought it’d be a perfect time to introduce you to the newest member of the All Day Series. Don’t call it an IPL, get ready to meet…

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belgian twist announce landscape 2 1
Bottle Shop Series: Belgian Twist

It’s always a great day when we announce a new entry to our Bottle Shop Series, and today is no exception! The third entry in this series that celebrates the ingenuity and pioneering spirit of craft brewers of old is releasing next spring and we’re here to fill you in on the details.

You might remember it as Cactus Waffle in our taprooms, but let’s give a warm welcome to…

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Corporate Giving At Founders

In 2017, we launched The Big Pitcher as a way for us to give back to the communities in which we live and work through the scope of our corporate ethos. Based on three pillars: environmental, social justice, and arts and culture to represent the scope and breadth of our employees. It is our honor to give back to causes that support the growth of the communities in which we live, work and play.

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