GR Curbside To-Go Beer and Food Pickup

We’re happy to share that we’ve come up with a temporary solution to provide our community with delicious beer and our amazing food while still keeping our employees and customers safe.

We’re offering curbside beer and food pickup service at our Grand Rapids taproom!

Hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 11am – 9pm

How it will work:

  • We’ll be taking call-ahead orders only 616.325.2855. You must call ahead and prepay over the phone. Online ordering is also available here.
  • The order taker will retrieve your name, phone number, car color, make and model and then ring your order in using a credit card or Founders gift card. No cash will be accepted for these transactions.
  • An employee will pick and pack your beer for you and place it aside with your name and vehicle info on it. We will give you an estimated time to arrive based on the volume of orders coming in.
  • Growlers and howlers of limited Taprrom exclusives, Specialty and Barrel Aged Draft offerings will be also available (an employee will sanitize your growler/howler before filling). You can see the full draft list here!
  • Frontline workers will receive 20% off their entire curbside order!

For Car Pick-Up:

  • Upon arrival, a gloved staff member will approach your car. Show them your ID through the window.
  • Once your ID is verified the employee will drop your order in your trunk or hatch. You do not need to leave your vehicle unless you don’t have a functional trunk or hatch – in this case we will leave your order next to your car for you to load in once the employee has re-entered the building.
  • Please note there will be no drive-up orders during this process. We’ll only fulfill prepaid orders. However you may call and prepay on the premises, you will just have to wait for your order pick-up time as assigned.

We encourage car pick-up for the safest possible transaction but we will also offer walk-up service. You must still call ahead or order online!

For Walk-Up:

  • Upon arrival, walk up to the front entrance of the taproom and show your ID through the glass.
  • Once your ID is verified, a gloved employee will set your order on the picnic table closest to the entrance for retrieval. You’re all set! Retrieve your beer and you’re on your way!
  • Please note there will be no walk-up orders during this process. We will only fulfill prepaid orders. However, you may call and prepay on the premises – you will just have to wait for your order pick-up time as assigned.

If there is a line for any reason please adhere to the 6′ social-distancing rule.

We’re also offering 20% off of to-go beer purchases for all frontline workers (i.e., healthcare, police, fire, EMS, delivery drivers, grocery store and other food service workers).

All current Mug Club members are eligible to receive 20% off all packaged beer, $2 off all growlers and $1 off all howlers.



Thanks for your interest and continued support. Michigan is defined by its resilient people and its ability to band together in times of crisis – stay healthy and stay safe!

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9 Comments on “GR Curbside To-Go Beer and Food Pickup”
  1. Kristine

    Are we able to purchase kegs?

    • Jon Pataky

      Kegs will not be for sale at this time. There’s no way to sell them safely.

  2. Brian

    Can we get a list of what all you have with prices?

    • Jon Pataky

      The list of what’s available was added to the blog post. Pricing is available upon request when you call to make your order.

  3. Jon Jennings

    Do you have any French Toast Bastard left?

    • Jon Pataky

      We are not offering French Toast Bastard at this time.

  4. John

    Will you make this service available at the Detroit Tap Room?

  5. Cindy

    What are the hours for this?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Hours are 1-7pm Monday – Friday.

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