Covid-19 Pandemic Response

Now, more than ever we need to serve those in our communities that have supported us over the last 22 years. We know that this isn’t a problem that can be solved alone, but we can continue to do our part in making our communities a better place. Our focus is to ensure our employee’s safety, the well-being of our communities and to provide a sense of normalcy to our enduring fans. We’ve done that by sticking to our guiding principles and taking action in the following ways.

Outside image of Founder's buildingOur employee’s safety and well-being remains our top priority

We remain committed to taking care of our employees and ensure they have the support and resources they and their families need to remain healthy. Many of our administrative team members have been working remotely since we took the precaution of closing our two taprooms ahead of the government mandate. We’re still brewing and packaging beer and have a number of essential employees still working at the brewery. To ensure their safety we increased our already high sanitation standards and implemented additional measures such as increased environmental cleaning, social distancing guidelines and personal hygiene precautions.

Serving our communities that have supported us

We’ve partnered with Long Road Distillery to help produce hand sanitizer. Not having the necessary equipment, we (along with other local brewers) are donating high ABV beer that Long Road will distill to produce hand sanitizer. Long Road Distillery is currently supplying ½ gallon refillable jugs for local healthcare workers, first responders, local hospitals and nursing homes.

On top of that, we have launched the Crafted in MI campaign over social media to leverage our social media presence to support local Michigan-based crafters who are unable to sell their work right now with the intent to raise awareness of their business and drive support when they need it most and we’ve seen a number of success stories from this.

Connecting with our fans and creating a sense of normalcy

During the quarantine, we’re remaining dedicated to connecting with consumers digitally, via social media, email and other forms of digital content. We are focused on creating relatable content for beer fans to enjoy. We’re live streaming music, virtual happy hours and sharing musical performances from past taproom shows to create a sense of “normalcy.”

Second, we’ve created a ‘webucation’ video series with Marklyn and John from our Education Department to provide entertaining and informative beer content. The video series is released weekly and covers topics such as food and beer pairings, proper glassware, home sensory/beer fridge exploration, the role of individual beer ingredient and more.

Fundraising support

Last but certainly not least, have partnered with the Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association on a program to support their relief effort for impacted employees by selling an exclusive “Fill the Tip Jar” line of work-at-home, comfy clothing to benefit the hospitality workers in our home state of Michigan, with all proceeds from sales going to the relief fund. We invite everyone who is able to help “Fill the Tip Jar” by making a purchase today or consider donating directly to the relief fund.

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4 Comments on “Covid-19 Pandemic Response”
  1. Gerald Coulombe

    I can’t find Sam Light in stores in Northern VT. What is the problem?

  2. Roger Moale

    Good morning,

    We at Quest Diagnostics are currently providing testing kits and conducting test events for COVID-19. We are looking for a large order of hand sanitizer and the turnaround time it would take to receive them. How long would it take to bring in 2,000-3,000 bottles(2oz-8oz) to our facility in Novi, MI? Please let me know if you have any questions for us.

    Thank you,

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Hi Roger! We actually do not have any sanitizer to distribute. All of the distribution is handled by our friends at Long Road. You can place an order or reach out to them directly here:

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