New Beer Release: Mothership Series #10

It’s time we share with you the next Mothership Series release! Here’s a hint: this beer has never been bottled and was previously only available on draft as a taproom exclusive. Without further ado, the 10th release in the taproom Mothership Series is:Bottle of Founders Mothership Series French Toast Bastard next to plate of french toast

French Toast Bastard

Backwoods Bastard gets the 4-star breakfast treatment. Our malty and rich bourbon barrel-aged Scotch ale is introduced to smooth maple syrup, warm cinnamon and sweet vanilla for an incredibly decadent brunch-inspired sipper. One taste and you’d swear you were digging into your Sunday morning French toast. Breakfast for dinner, anyone?

French Toast Bastard will be available in the taproom on December 1 in 6-pack bottles and on draft and will have a price of $20/6-pack. This is the first Mothership Series beer that will see distribution in kegs too! It’ll start shipping in early December with mid-December availability. Perfect for the holidays. 11.1% ABV.

It’s preceded by Red’s Rye IPASleeper Cell, MF Donkey StoutPanther Cub, Barrel-Aged Imperial StoutCerise, Mucho Lupu, Pale Joe and Oktoberfest in the Mothership Series.


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10 Comments on “New Beer Release: Mothership Series #10”
  1. Charley Wellman

    Great! Will mug club club members get a preemptive chance at this? I can see this selling out quickly

  2. Christy

    Mommy wants!

  3. Sparty1224

    Will Detroit still see a release for this?

  4. Adam

    Will it be distributed in D.C.?

  5. drafter495

    Really sounds great but……. When will the Detroit Tap Room open so that we can get this. I’d don’t want to miss out on this but Grand Rapids is a looooong drive especially if you are not sure if it is sold out on the first day. Come on Founders, give us some good news for Detroit area fans!

  6. Jeff

    If the Detroit taproom is closed, how are we “East siders” supposed to get the Mothership Series??? Drive 3-4 hours ?? Thanks 😢

  7. dlamber5

    Will Mike and Dave be driving a truckload out to Detroit to sell us some? Were really disappointed about the Detroit tap room closure and not having the opportunity to purchase this awesome mothership series release.

  8. erichatfield90

    Disappointed that we won’t be able to get this in Detroit now that the taproom is closed until early next year. Do a reopening party with the release of this in the tap room so we still have a chance to try this!?!? Was looking forward to it when it was previously announced.

  9. Brad

    Will this beer becoming to Iowa

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Draft only distribution. Bottle are a taproom only release.

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