New Beer Release: Taproom Mothership Series #2

The newest addition to our Taproom Mothership Series has been sighted and you’re going to want to prepare yourself because it’s a doozy…

Sleeper Cell

Bottle of Founders Mothership Series Sleeper Cell

This West Coast-style double IPA has been lying in wait having only been featured on draft… until now. A cult-favorite, Sleeper Cell features an intense dose of five hop varieties. The aggressive hop presence lingers on the palate finishing sharp, dry and utterly memorable. Our roots may be Midwestern, but here’s proof that we can delight hopheads seeking a West Coast-inspired flavor. This beer clocks in at 10.8% ABV and 85 IBUs.

Sleeper Cell will be available exclusively in our taproom locations on draft and 6-pack bottles beginning on May 4, 2018. It’ll have a price of $12/6-pack.

The Mothership Series are ultra-limited, brew team favorite beers only found at our taproom locations. Whether it is an old standby we brought out of retirement or an experimental new style, it’s sure to go quickly. Brewed for a chosen few and you’re lucky enough to be one of them. Sleeper Cell is the second release in the series, preceded by Red’s Rye.

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1 Comment on “New Beer Release: Taproom Mothership Series #2”
  1. Carl Dieter

    This of course, sounds like another winner for you guys and for the public. As usual, it is having the right ABV with the proper amount of hops for not only the best mouth feel, but the right combination of what your company stands for…………..everything top-notch…or nothing.
    Here is hoping that all your retail merchants grab ahold of this opportunity and stock it so we all can enjoy this treat.

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