Founders Keepers Scavenger Hunt for ArtPrize 10

Mark your calendars!

Together with ArtPrize, we’re celebrating our milestone anniversaries (21 years for us, 10 for ArtPrize!) with the return of #FoundersKeepers—the epic, citywide treasure hunt. And we’re bringing it back with a twist.

1 day. 10 tin tackers. $2,000+ in prizes.

On September 22, we’ll hide 10 Founders tin tackers across the ArtPrize district. Stay tuned to our social media channels, because when we say “go,” the countdown clock begins. You’ll have 2 hours to canvas the city and find as many tin tackers as possible. Snap a photo of each (make sure to get their numbers in the photo) to share on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #FoundersKeepers, and race back to Rosa Parks Circle before the deadline to win.

The three (3) seekers to find the most tin tackers will win an exclusive Founders + ArtPrize experience package which includes:
— Founders Brewing Co. Tour & Tasting*: Exclusive tour and tasting at Founders for ten (10) at their downtown Grand Rapids location. ($300 Value)
— ArtPrize 10 Micro Kickboard Scooter: Scoot around town in style on a classic, custom ArtPrize 10 scooter created by the talented team at Micro Kickboard. ($275 value)
— GO Scavenger Hunt: Tickets for two (2) for the ultimate city-wide ArtPrize scavenger hunt. ($60 value)

The winners will be announced from Center Stage at Rosa Parks Circle during the Founders + Moosejaw Social Event.

Get ready. RSVP for the event here.

*Note: You must be 21+ to participate in the tour & tasting. If you happen to be younger and win one of the prize packages described above, you’re welcome to gift your tour & tasting to a family member or friend who is 21+. The scooter and scavenger hunt are yours to keep 🙂

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