Upcoming Palate Exploration Events

Join us as we tantalize and educate with three new Palate Exploration events!

On March 16, join us in the Embassy, our classroom and training bar, while we host The Cheese Lady and learn all about the amazing things that happen when cheese and beer come together. We will be pairing a beautiful spread of cheeses, covering as many flavor and texture possibilities as we can, along with five of our beers. There really are few things better in life than beer and cheese.

On April 20, our friends from Apertivo, located in the Downtown Market, will be joining us. Aperitivo offers a diverse spread of craft beer, wine, sumptuous cheeses, and mouth-watering cured meats/charcuterie. We’re focusing on the latter, cured meats, for our session with Aperitivo, but they’ll probably sneak a few kinds of cheese in as well!

On May 11, we’re thrilled to have Jenna Arcidiacono owner and chef of Amore Trattoria Italiana back for our first-ever veggie Palate Exploration! Jenna rocked our world last time with her tasting menu based off of the five cardinal flavors and we can’t wait to see what she does with veggies. If Jenna is at the helm we’re willing to wager that even the most devout carnivore will walk away satisfied.

The Palate Exploration is a unique pairing concept that allows you to discover your own palate preferences and later bring that knowledge into your own kitchens, or as a guide when looking at a restaurant beer menu. Beer and food are two of the most incredible parts of life when enjoyed separately, but my how the game does change when they are allowed to work together.

Secure yourself a seat at the table by snagging tickets to these events here. We can’t wait to explore with you!





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