2018 Update: Introducing the Mothership Series

We’re unveiling the big changes from our 2018 availability calendar all week long! Next up, a brand new series emerges in a brewery far, far away…

Introducing the Mothership Series!

Founders Mothership Series 6 pack

This series will be available for carryout only at our taproom locations and will include three releases throughout the year, from old favorites to experimental new styles. We’re kicking it off with a beer we had to retire from bottles a few years ago based on its short shelf life: the longtime standby, not to mention hands-down Founders employee-favorite, Red’s Rye IPA!

Red’s Rye IPA will be available for carryout at both of our taproom locations beginning in February 2018.

We have more big changes coming in 2018 – stay tuned to our FacebookInstagram and Twitter channels to see what’s next!


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4 Comments on “2018 Update: Introducing the Mothership Series”
  1. Heff

    Seriously hoping that Dark Penance will make a return either in the Mothership Series or in the Barrel Aged lineup. I think it might fare well in barrel aging, particular in the maple/bourbon barrels

  2. Curtis

    Will Red’s Rye be in cans or bottles? Would cans help it’s shelf life?

  3. Brian W

    Please consider Pale Joe or Black IPA for the Mothership series.

  4. Kevin Kelly

    Thanks for all the great beers. I am a fan for life.

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