2017 Update: Full Availability Calendar

2017 is a major year for us. We’re not only celebrating our 20th anniversary, we are also debuting a brand new series, adding a few new packaging options and enjoying the return of many favorites. Sharing our 2017 plans with you, our loyal supporters, is the best part of it all… so without further ado, our 2017 availability calendar:

Founders beer availability calendar

For those of you who have been following along this week, you are likely well aware of the changes that will take place in 2017 but, for those that haven’t, here’s a recap:

  • We’re debuting the brand-new Barrel-Aged Series which, you guessed it, will focus exclusively on barrel-aged beers. This series will include favorites like KBS and Backwoods Bastard along with four new releases. The first of these, Frootwood, will start shipping in January. Read more about that here.
  • Frootwood is a cherry ale aged in barrels that have held both bourbon and maple syrup. It will have a suggested retail price of $14.99/4-pack and $11.99/750mL bottle. In fact, the entire Barrel-Aged Series lineup will be offered in both 750mL bottles and 4-packs of 12oz bottles.
  • Our entire seasonal lineup (Azacca IPA, PC Pils, Mosaic Promise) will now be available in both 6-pack bottles and 15-pack cans. We were the first in craft to launch a 15-pack of cans (All Day IPA) and knew it was time to expand it to our seasonal lineup. Details about that here.
  • All Day IPA will now be offered in 19.2oz cans. Look for these in early 2017. More about that here.
  • We’re saying goodbye to Pale Ale and Devil Dancer. In the spirit of constant creativity and experimentation, we occasionally have to retire certain beers in order to make room for new ones.
  • Oh yeah, it’s our 20th anniversary! Get ready for an awesome year – we sure are!

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25 Comments on “2017 Update: Full Availability Calendar”
  1. Marc lafleur

    Where is double trouble ????

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We retired Double Trouble from the lineup last year to make room for new beers. That’s not to say it won’t return….

  2. Jerry

    What about Double Trouble???

    Double Trouble and Dark Penance were my two favorite beers.

    How can you do that do me?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We did have to retire those two but, believe us, Jerry, it was not directed at you. We have to make room for new new beers!

  3. How can I get some Cromugen in southern California?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      By Cromugen we assume you mean Curmudgeon and the best way to locate it is by using our handy-dandy beer locator! It isn’t released until March, however. https://foundersbrewing.com/find-our-beer/

  4. Chuck Thielmann

    I can not wait enjoy all your beers especially the one offs cheers to the brewmasters. Chuck

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Thanks Chuck! We’re pretty darn excited about this lineup. Cheers!

  5. Vanessa Marr


    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Well, since you demanded so nicely…. 😉

  6. Melanie beverage

    Are you going to brew Mango Magnifico? It’s my favorite !!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Not this year, but perhaps in the future. Glad you like it; cheers!

  7. Keith

    Only have 2 bottles of KBS. Can use a few more bottles or cases. While I’m thinking of it I also need some backwoods too

  8. Addison

    VERY excited about the Barrel-aged series…..still a bit sad about Double Trouble, looking forward to seeing it as a special brew ?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      It was indeed a sad day when we said goodbye to Double Trouble but, you’re right, we may bring it back at some point. Crazier things have happened around here, that’s for sure! Cheers!

  9. Toddo

    Hope to see Bolt Cutter in the anniversary line up.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      That was a good one… you will have to wait and see!

  10. John

    Great lineup of beers of beers coming some of my favorite all time beers ( can’t get enough Breakfast stout and Porter is my go to beer) and some new ones to look forward to. Can’t wait! Now, about that CBS………..

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      Those are a couple of our long-standing favorites, for sure. As far as CBS goes, we have no idea what you’re talking about. 😉


  11. Chris

    Just tried devil dancer and LOVED it and now your telling me your discontinuing it that sucks!!!!

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We are, unfortunately. But, the good news is that we are making room for new, awesome beers! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in the spirit of continued growth.

  12. Scott

    The schedule looks great and love to try new beers. However, PLEASE send more KBS to the Austin TX area. There are many good beers made locally, but none taste as good as KBS.

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      That sure is flattering! We will do our best to send as much as possible to your area, however, because of the limited nature of barrel-aged beers such as KBS, demand will likely continue to outweigh supply. Our advice is to contact your local bottle shops and ask if they plan on carrying the Barrel-Aged Series… that tends to work pretty well!

  13. Leonard Rausch

    Will you be selling your beers in Washington state soon?

    • Founders Brewing Co.

      We sure will be! Our launch will take place the week of January 9-13, with events taking place in Seattle. You should see our beer on shelves beginning then!

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