Centennial IPA Untappd Badge

Founders Centennial IPA Untappd badge

Centennial IPA is a celebration of the classic American hop variety. It spotlights the floral aroma and citrus accents of Centennial hops, but has remained a go-to IPA for years because of the malt balance that keeps it from being one-dimensional. So don’t just have one. Have two. One for each of the angels on the label. If you do, you’ll earn the Founders Bi – Centennial badge.

By checking into at least two Centennial IPAs between June 8 and July 8 on Untappd, you can unlock the “Founders Bi – Centennial” badge.

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4 Comments on “Centennial IPA Untappd Badge”
  1. anxiously awaiting in north central pa…some founders has found it’s way to potter county beverage…i will be checking..
    olean, ny tops and west end beverage and redemption center would also be nice…cheers…ride the craft !!

    • Sarah

      Thanks for the love, Kerry! You can use our beer locator to find retailers that carry our beer near you. Cheers!

  2. kerry mulkin

    love it !

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