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Head to this page to download our new app!

The main purpose of this first version of our app is a beer locator (modeled after our website’s beer locator) that allows you to find our beer in your area, wherever you are. It includes a comprehensive beer menu, with beautiful photos and beer availability information, and was created by Fusionary, a digital studio with offices across the street from the brewery.

We’ve been wanting to create this app for some time now. One of the most common questions we get is, “Where can I find X beer in X city?” This new tool will give you the power to answer this question yourself—because we know you always have your phone on you. Let’s just hope you remembered your house keys this time.






Download the app now and keep in mind that we plan to add new features to it in future iterations.

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6 Comments on “Download Our New App!”
  1. Don

    Is this available for IPad also ?

    • Sarah

      Yes it is, through the App Store!

  2. M Call

    Can’t seem to get the mobile app to work. I am in Pennsylvania using my zip code yet it recommends a ton of stores in New Jersey 30 miles away. Are there no stores in PA ?

    • Sarah

      Hi There! Are you in the Philadelphia area? Unfortunately, our distributor partner in the greater Philly area does not contribute data to the database that we’re using to populate the finder. We hope that will change in the months to come–stay tuned!

  3. Bryan

    Cool App.

    Question – will the app be able to track locations of limited release beers such as Backwoods Bastard?

    • Sarah

      Thanks, Bryan! Because the beer locator is populated from data representing the past 60 days of sales from our distributors to retailers, it would not be accurate for limited release beers, like Backwoods Bastard, that don’t stay on the shelves for anywhere near 60 days (in most cases). For that reason, the app does not show beer locator information for our limited release beers.

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